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Toughened Glass
Provided Toughened Glasses are preferred over their commonly used counterparts for their higher durability, better strength and optimum impact resistance properties. Also known as tempered glasses, these are breakage proof.
Lighting Glass
Borosilicate or soda lime silicate made Lighting Glasses are reckoned for their high stress and impact resistance properties. These have low thermal co-efficiency level. Offered glasses are mainly used as essential part of street and halogen lights.
Sight Glass
Provided Sight Glasses are known for their high strength, long lasting quality and accurate diameter. This array of cost effective glasses provides clear visibility of any object even from long distance.
Glass Diffuser
Provided Glass Diffusers are acknowledged for their high strength, accurate diameter and long lasting quality. These are useful for uniform distribution of light by eliminating glaring effects of lighting systems.
Glass Products
Provided array of Glass Products is known for its standard quality, light weight, high strength and scratch proof surface. These pure silica made glass items are available in different sizes.
Furnace View Glass
Furnace View Glass provided by us is mainly designed for use with high temperature furnace systems. This glass is best known for its recyclable, UV stable, Weather and rust resistant, easily moulded and highly durable in nature. This glass is very cost effective and safe to use.
Gauge Glass
Gauge Glass offered to our customers, acts as an indicator which helps in showing the amount of fluid in a tank or any other storage place on a ship. This glass is mainly used in the boiler of the ship and is highly efficient and best to use.
Protector Glass
Protector Glass provided is widely used in ovens, stoves, and other kitchen appliances that deal with great amounts of heat. This glass helps in making the vehicle windows safer. This glass is preferred for its strength, scratch and damage resistant, versatility, unique designs and patterns, clarity and durable.
Safety Glass
Safety Glass offered to our customers which is made using optimum quality materials best for reducing noise pollution. This glass increases the safety and also reduces the risk of someone being cut or injured by shards of glass. This glass also helps in providing a better vision to the windows.
Pressure Gauge Glass
Pressure Gauge Glass is mostly designed for moderate-pressure steam boilers and for liquid level indicators. This glass can be viewed from long distances, and do not require power. This glass is highly effective, safer to use and resistant to heat, corrosion, breakage and durable also.
Quartz Glass
Quartz Glass is mainly used in lighting as well as semiconductor industry. This glass is typically used in high-temperature arc and filament lamps requiring high purity to minimize devitrification and provide optimum sag resistance. This glass is very cost-effective and safe to use.
CNC Water Jet Cutting Services
CNC Water Jet Cutting Services are provided by our company to our customers, as per their requirements. These services help in giving a better working of the water jet. These services are cost effective and easy to avail too.
Transparent Glass
Transparent Glass is a unique transparent material which allows light to pass through it so that the objects behind the glass are visible clearly. This glass is preferred for its dustproof and waterproof, colour availability, recyclable, UV stable, Weather and rust resistant, easily moulded and highly durable in nature.
Flame Proof Toughened Well Glass
Flame Proof Toughened Well Glass is highly used for covering LED and other industrial lights. This glass is preferred for its flame proof nature which is also best for illuminating specific area. This glass is easily available at nominal rates for our customers, in bulk quantities.
LED Lens
LED Lens are provided by our company to our clients to have a better product which reduces effort. These lenses are known for enabling precise control, nice aesthetic appearance, affordable as well as easy-to-use solution for your lighting fitment. These lenses are very effective and efficient to use.
Automotive Glass
Automotive Glass is mainly designed for eliminating sharp pieces and also providing safety to the windows of car. This glass is either laminated or tempered. This glass is best for front side windows as well as the rear windows. This glass can be purchased at nominal rates.
Instrument Safety Glass
Instrument Safety Glass offered to our clients is widely used in a variety of demanding applications, including passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, refrigerator trays, mobile phone screen protectors, for diving masks, and so on. This glass is very economical as well as efficient to use.
Glass Tube
Glass Tube is offered to our customers, refers to hollow pieces of various glass types with a large variety of applications which are laboratory glassware, lighting applications, solar thermal systems and pharmaceutical packaging. This tube is preferred for its dustproof and waterproof, colour availability, and highly durable in nature.
Furnace Observation Glass
Furnace Observation Glass is mainly used for decreasing the brightness of furnaces during metal and glass work. This glass acts as a low expansion glass for added heat resistance in furnace site glass applications. This glass is also used during welding processes for observing the molten substances.
Flameproof Light Glass Enclosure
The Flameproof Light Glass Enclosure we deal in is suited for the applications where there is a need for high brightness spot lighting. These give high intensity lights. These go well with all types of safety units.
Borosilicate Sight Glass
Borosilicate sight glass we deal in is extensively applicable for laboratory glassware. This is suited for the applications, where chemical attack or thermal shock is a subject.

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